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aBNNI TV is Worlds 2nd & Asia’s 1st Rural TV channel Network !!

aBNNI TV aimed to serving the needs, and interests, of country people, and those with a passion for rural affairs. Programmers’ are aimed at enthusiasts for equine, rural lifestyle, and farming, along with traditional country music and entertainment, documentary, mobile & short films, films, advertise, video clips , PR Service etc.

aBNNI TV committed  to the value of Honesty, Loyalty and Smart work Our extended support, commitment, knowledge, Transparency & Policies are helped to reach our business objectives at Towering Heights.

aBNNI TV is offering  you to “JOIN…LEARN…TEACH…& EARN.”

Amarsinh Shivajirao Jagdale Sarkar

kranti bazar founder
Amarsinh Raje
Amar Swarajya Rural Development Research & Information Institute
Kranti Bazar

Founder-President, Promoter & Chief Executive Officer (Amar Swarajya Rural Development, Research and Information Institute)

Well known Amarsinh Raje, a 32 year old villager founded aBNNI TV, greatest platform to open thoughts behalf rural developments, Media & Journalism.

Since 14 year, He is working with Rural Community in vivid field. Social work, Media, Finance & Insurance, Health, Education & Art, FMCG.

He is post graduate in Mass Communication & Distance Education.

around 7+ state he traveled with bike for gathering information to rural development & research, to solve rural problems, implement government policies.

He participated Indian Government’s “Mahatma Gandhi Nirmal Gram Panchayat” campaign as a Inspector in Naxalite & Bandit affected area successfully.

He is passionate about Journalism & film making.

He have best knowledge of rural marketing, possibilities & barriers.

Rural people trust & honor his concept, his dignity about rural development work.

aBNNI TV is operated by NGO Amar Swarajya Rural Development, Research and Information Institute.

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