To provide “Self Justice, Self Producer- Director” opportunity for everyone.

Create leader from ordinary people and make financial and mentally sound.

aBNNI TV, is dedicated to communicating sustainable development, humanitarian and social justice issues using public media. We are an independent, non-profit-non-loss media company that works journalistically in the public interest. Founded in 2007, Since 2013, we have also used the web for this purpose. We keep growing and evolving with media realities. Then and now, we communicate for social change by producing and sharing editorially independent video/web content.

We respond to development challenges and opportunities in the Asia the world’s largest and most diverse region. Home to two thirds of humanity, including most of its poor, ours is a region on the move. Societies and nations are changing rapidly fuelled by fast growing economies and the spread of information technologies.

At one level, these changes have generated dynamism, prosperity and hope. But a closer look reveals many remaining gaps and disparities. Unless these are addressed, the region’s march to progress can be stalled – or reversed – by social unrest, pandemics, political violence (including terrorism), corruption and environmental damage.

aBNNI TV uses the web, classrooms and other public spaces to get people in the Asia Pacific to reflect on development choices, impacts and alternatives To create sounding board. We also support communication needs of various Political parties, PR agencies, development organisations and research institutes on public communication of sustainable development, social development, science and technology.

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